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Letter to Members

from Chief and Council


RE: Bringing our Children Home – exercise of MCCN jurisdiction in area of child and family services.

MCCN Chief and Council are seeking community involvement for the exercise of jurisdiction in the area of child and family services. Our project is called “Bringing our Children Home” and corresponds with Bill C-92, or An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis children, youth and families.

“Bringing our Children Home” aims to develop First Nation and community-led Child and Family Service legislation, systems and programs that will be delivered through a coordination agreement that increase supports to MCCN children, families and communities. Currently, MCCN is a member of the Cree Nation Child and Family Services. Existing agencies may need to adapt or create new governance models in the future, as MCCN has engaged to act independently on inherent authority. By developing a community specific Child, Youth and Family law and service delivery model, MCCN will be able to better service the needs of youth and their families through a traditional approach to family services and supports.

Customary community protocols will be observed, and ceremonies will be held based on guidance of community Elders and Knowledge keepers. This will be an ongoing process throughout the project, based on community requirements. A Council of Elders will be established at the onset to guide all aspects of the project.

MCCN stands with First Nations’ children, youth and families, so they have opportunities to grow up safely at home, be healthy and be provided a good education. Through the development of this Child and Family Service model, children will live, belong, and grow within the environment which is their birthright –one rooted in kinship knowledge and culture.

The project will be completed over four phases and will not interfere with existing CFS programs or services.

Please stay tuned for upcoming community engagement processes and new employment opportunities associated with our “Bringing Our Children Home” Project!


Chief and Council

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